Digital Engagement

Reduce Costs

A once-off deployment where our systems are compatible with all Wi-Fi connectivities.

Location-based targeting

Maximise your sales by reaching customers within your location radius.

Increased Revenue

Increase revenue through brand awareness when it reaches out to targeted consumers.

Increased Engagement

Customers are more likely to engage when they receive personalised recommendations.

Special features





Loyalty Points

Payment System

Reward Points

User Account

User Analytics


Standard features

Business Profile
Create your own business profile that is fully customised to your brand. On your business profile you will have full access to a dashboard where you can edit, customise and update content and branding in real-time.
Anonymous Feedback
Customers can submit real-time anonymous feedback. Customers can submit anonymous feedback that is only visible to you. Identify where there is room for improvement based on your customers’ ratings and comments.
Call for Service
The ‘Call for Service’ feature allows for a more personalised experience and is aimed at improving customer care. At just the tap of a button a message will be sent to the service provider to immediately tend to the customer
Push Notifications and Alerts
Stay up to date by enabling push notifications and alerts. Keep your customers connected/engaged by sending push notifications and alerts at any time, even when offline.
Menu/Line items
Upload your Menu(s) in PDF or as Line items to your business profile. You are able to edit/update your menu(s) at any given time, whether it be to add new items, run a special or to make a price change.
Promote upcoming Events and Specials. Setup a pop-up on your store’s front page such that customers are informed of upcoming events or specials that they don’t want to miss out on.
News and Media
Stay up to date on current events and media. Your business profile can be equipped with daily news articles and a variety of media including up-to-date magazines.
Upload images of your store and/or it’s products/services Images of your store can be uploaded to your profile for customers to have an easier time identifying your brand when they pop in.

Coming Soon

Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence


Virtual Reality


Municipal Dashboard/ Notice board/ Integration