Impact advertising taken to the next level

Maximise impact by publishing your ad in the right place, at the right time.

Midas Moon is an advanced advertisement platform that goes beyond traditional advertising via time and location targeting strategies. Our unique system allows you to maximise your sales results by selecting your target demographic, within a chosen/selected location radius and setting the perfect environmental conditions suited to your product.

Geolocation Marketing

Select a location radius based on proximity to your place of business/store.


Target your audience; from age category to status income to location and duration.

Weather Conditions

Be it a summer or winter product being advertised, set up the best weather conditions for when your ad should be displayed.

User Friendly

No experience needed, MidasMoon systems designed to be a seamless experience when creating your own ad.

Control your timeline

Select the exact time and duration for your ads.

Create Brand Awareness

Narrow down your target audience and create brand awareness every time your ad reaches the right set of eyes.